you’re about to love yourself more than you ever thought possible.
yes, you.

Who did you think I was talking to?

NOT your confident coworker, who always seems to have it so “together.”

NOT your high school bestie, whose pics on Facebook occasionally make you question your life choices, for the worse. (facepalm)

NOT that girl who walks into the gym, with perfect hair and makeup, because who wears perfect hair and makeup to the gym?!?! Crazy people?

I’m not talking to them. I’m talking to YOU.

Because you are worthy.
And you know you are.

But maybe it still just doesn’t feel that way.


You’re getting a little tired of watching everyone else’s “amazing” life take off, while you sit by the sidelines and compare and despair. You have something incredible to do in this life too. Isn’t it YOUR turn to shine?

You’ve heard of the term “self love” but it kinda makes you cringe, because (let’s be honest) while you know what it is (kinda, sorta), you’re not feeling like you’re doing it right, and it’s not like you needed something ELSE to feel bad about.

You want to take better care of yourself, inside and out, but there’s always somethingthat gets in the way. So instead of taking mini steps, you find yourself face down in a bag of mini cookies… wait, they don’t solve problems?

Somehow, some way, that negative nancy who’s always yelling means things at you just KEEPS coming back.

And that bitch is loud.

You have days where things feel really good, like you’re *almost* confident enough to DO all the things you dream of (ask for a raise, flirt with someone cute, apply for a new job) but then all of a sudden you fall off the wagon and into “shit­ville.”

What gives? You can’t seem to stay positive, or optimistic, or let’s put it bluntly: “in love with YOURSELF,” for more than a day (or an hour) at a time.

Yup. I know. Trust me, I’ve been there. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just your “inner critic” talking.

My own inner critic, or gremlin, who I used to call “Vicious Bitch” (or VB for short) used to rule me. It was like I was a slave to my thoughts. VB told me what I needed to be, do or say at all times. She also told me a bunch of awful things about myself ­ that I wasn’t doing things right, that everyone was talking crap about me, or that my body was ugly.

And the worst part? I believed her.

I was convinced that in order to be successful, loved and happy, I needed to be perfect. I never believed anyone that told me otherwise, because to me, only VB was right.

But I was wrong. I was mistakenly committed to listening to this “ gremlin, ” who was ruling me, riding my ass, keeping me down, and ultimately, destroying me.

If you can relate, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Your inner critic might proclaim that you’re 20 pounds too heavy, $20,000 dollars too broke, or 20 years too old (or young!) to do exactly what you want to do right now. BUT she’s wrong. You deserve to do all the things you want to do RIGHT NOW. Because life is too short to waste it feeling shitty and listening to nasty self­-talk like that!

You deserve a life where…

You look in the mirror and truly love the woman you are, since you’re no longer feel destroyed comparing yourself to others, or what’s on television or in magazines.

You have the confidence and courage to ask for what you want, whether that’s in work, with money, or with your partner.

You’re able to be MORE KIND, not just to others, but to yourself, because that’s where your kick ass life really begins.

You take amazing care of yourself because there’s no crappy self­ image to hold you back anymore.

You can truly share your story, whatever that means for you because you don’t have anything standing between you and real, authentic, nourishing friendships.

You say “NO” to the things that are wrong for you, so you don’t waste any time or energy on them because you have a strong inner compass that isn’t getting drowned out by negative self-talk anymore!

“Before the class, my self-esteem was at an all-time low, I wasn’t dealing with any of the real issues I was facing, I was in a vicious cycle of “not-enough”.

Since the class, I’m feeling empowered. I have taken steps to continue to improve and kick-ass with my own therapist & will be ready to tackle Andrea’s next course! I now know I’m not alone & that it’s OK to be imperfect.”

– Melissa Hemmersbach, Columbia, MI

Decisions feel easy, making the right choices comes naturally,

and when you slip into a rut of bad behaviors you can bounce back quickly because you know just what to do to stop that “demon” in its tracks.

THIS is what Your Kick Ass Life is all about.

THIS is why I created Kick Your Gremlin’s ASS , a digital program to walk you through every step of getting to know (and love) that inner bitch (she is, though!) so she can start working FOR you, instead of against you.

In this e­course, you’re getting the best of the best tools and techniques from my 8+ years of work with countless clients, my training, and my own experience. When I used these myself, it was as if I was introduced to a whole new me, the REAL me. The charade was over and I was able to do things I never thought I could or would do. Today, not only do I go after everything I’ve always wanted, because now I’m in charge instead of that nasty gremlin!

Listen, there are just a few big steps you need to take to conquer that Gremlin once and for all. So, in this course, you’ll get ALL OF IT, in detail, so you can walk away finally free from the mean thoughts that keep you miserable, and step into the life you truly dream of.

What’s Included

Module 1: Get to know your “Gremlin”.

In order to manage your Gremlin, you’ll need to get to know her first. That way, you can identify when she’s the one who’s speaking. So in your first lessons, you’ll learn everything about her. For some, this might be the hardest part, because she gets louder when you pay attention to her! But, trust me, it’s worth pushing through and seeing all of the results.

You’ll also get:

  • A lesson on the importance of taking all of this inventory. Trust me, it’s not to torture you! It’s imperative to your inner-critic management skills! 
  • Lessons on the “C” word: Comparisons. Find out if your inner-critic latches on to comparing you to other women and just how it’s impacting you.
  • A meditation/visualization to get you feeling into your body and spirit, all in creating new learning pathways. You’ll understand WHY it’s foundational not only to think your way through this work but to feel your way through it.

Module 2: Your Behaviors and Habits

This module is all about you getting crystal clear on your patterned, default behaviors that your inner-critic has been in charge of. Think perfectionism, numbing out, control and more. Like Module 1, you have to name it to tame it!

You’ll be able to:

  • Uncover what YOU have been allowing your Gremlin to be in charge of so that you can change it!
  • Discover your triggers. The things that happen that make you fall down the rabbit hole of Gremlinville.
  • Choose different behaviors– ones that are more aligned with who you are and the woman you want to be proud of.

Module 3: Self-compassion and self-acceptance

Once you’re clear on your Gremlin, you can begin devising strategies and employing tools to manage her. Obviously, one of the most important being self-compassion, aka being NICE and KIND to yourself!

You’ll be able to:

  • Take small steps towards self-love that actually work.
  • Learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes that your inner-critic is latching onto and berating you for any chance it gets.
  • Practice kindness, for yourself and others, so your relationships will take off.

Module 4: Getting Creative

Once you’re clear on your Gremlin, you can begin devising strategies and employing tools to manage her. Even if you’ve lost touch with important parts of you like your intuition, or if you’re not sure you’ve ever had contact in the first place, now is your chance to really tune in and kick butt.

This module will help you:

  • Dive deep and allow your intuition to come forward, because that’s the key to a life that kicks ass.
  • Get creative with the lessons in order to use different parts of your brain in order to create new nueropathways that will help you STOP beating yourself up so much!
  • Have FUN with this work! Plus challenge you in a different way, because we can’t just think our way through it 😉

Module 5: Tools on top of tools

One of the keys to learning to manage your negative self-talk is having lots of tools in your toolbox. the more the better to be able to manage this beast that’s been ruling you for decades!

This module is all about 3 specific things:

  • Acknowledging yourself for your efforts so that your inner-critic has less evidence to tell you negative things about you
  • Working on honing your intuition so you can decipher who’s speaking to you– your inner-critic or your wise, inner-self
  • Learning to practice deep gratitude for your life and using that as another tool to manage your pesky gremlin!

Module 6: Your Values

If there’s one thing I know for sure that you need in ALL of your personal development endeavors– not just gremlin managing– it’s knowing your values and knowing what they actually look like in your life. If I could only give someone ONE tool to work on, it would absolutely be this.

This module will teach you:

  • How to take your power back when your gremlin gets out of hand.
  • Understand what’s truly important to you, because filling your life with this stuff is a true Gremlin defeater!
  • Getting clear on when you get triggered, so that you can know quickly when it’s happening and turn things around.

Bonus Module: FAQ’s

You’ll dive deep and allow your intuition to come forward because that’s the key to a life that kicks ass. Even if you’ve lost touch with your intuition, or if you’re not sure you’ve ever had contact in the first place, now is your chance to really tune in and kick butt.

Some of the questions I answer:

  • What if I just CAN’T be more kind to myself?
  • What if my inner-critic is a person in my real life?
  • What do I do if I start to change for the better in my life and people don’t like it?

You’ll walk away better equipped to move forward with all your new-found knowledge and tools to be able to set boundaries, work on yourself, and love yourself a little (or a lot) more!

“When I ordered the Kick Your Gremlin’s Ass Program I was feeling horribly stuck and kind of desperate for something dramatic to catapult me out of this horrible pit of quicksand into which I was sinking. From the very first ecourse session I was amazed by the beautiful insights I gained from each exercise. By the end of the program, I was well acquainted with -and the serious BOSS of – my gremlin. I still go back to exercises from the KYGA program regularly and notice often how my thinking has changed sustainably by the exercises and insights from that program. It was worth the investment at least three-fold.

– Michelle Barry Franco, California

You’ll Get:

checkmarkInstant access to Kick Your Gremlin’s Ass so you can get started RIGHT AWAY and continue at your own pace. So if 6 modules feels too much for you, you can totally take your time!

checkmarkYour own access for the course. This way, you can login from any computer, at any time to see and use all of the exercises. You can go back whenever you want a refresher, or put the entire course on hold until you’re really ready to dig in!

checkmark12 exercises over the 6 modules that will walk you through each step of the Gremlin ­conquering formula so you’ll never have to wonder “what’s next?” It’s all laid out for you!

checkmark13 audio lessons that you can download to your computer, tablet, or smartphone to listen to anywhere, anytime you please.

checkmarkWorksheets for each lesson to help you take action and implement the changes you’re learning.

checkmarkBonus FAQ audio where I answer all the most common questions I get about this work.

Plus, you’ll also get:

When the course is over, there’s still more support! Receive access to Andrea’s exclusive Alumni Facebook group where she records monthly LIVE videos answering your questions. (Replays are always available).
$5,000 value


Your investment is just $297.

Are You In?

Hell yes!

Hell yes!

Pay in Full: $297

Hell yes!

Hell yes!

Payment Plan: 2 x $162

Once you click a “Hell Yes!” button, you’ll be directed to a checkout page to submit your payment. You can use any major credit card or PayPal to purchase.

After you submit your payment, your pre-work and the first module will be delivered immediately. A new module becomes available every seven days after that.

You’ll start living the KICK ASS LIFE you really want to, fully armed (and dangerous!) for all gremlins that cross your path.

“I got to the “Intuition” section of the 30-day Kick Your Gremlin’s Ass e-course and the timing couldn’t be better. My fear almost always jumps up and beats my intuition and desire down but that’s gonna stop. If anyone is not taking the e-course, ask yourself WHY THE HELL NOT? It’s great and I’m really looking forward to the work ahead.“

– jamie jensen, ny, ny

“I had become stuck in a rut. I struggled with work problems, relationship baggage, and my inner critic had me in the dark with a bright light on my failures.

Before I signed up, I felt lost and frustrated that my journey could not be smooth. I was on a path back to my hopes and dreams, but there were constantly obstacles around every turn. I let the obstacles distract me, and I began to question whether my choices were the right choices. My inner-critic was in the driver’s seat, and I questioned my every thought, word, and action. My inner-critic was awake all the time, and I was feeling tired and drained all the time. I had the tools to dig myself out, but I was frustrated that I could not find the motivation to use them. All of the aspects of my life were were filled with frustration.

I loved the format of the program, and the ability to work at my own pace. I would like to see more women take that leap of faith to face their fears and to come face to face with their real selves. It takes opportunities like this to reach more and more women.

I feel better equipped now. I feel like I have let go of my past, and now my inner-critic has nothing to throw back in my face. Every day is a challenge, I have to remember what I have learned. I have to remember to take time for myself, and to love myself unconditionally. I am doing it, and I am taking those challenges to keep on this path. It is all about me, and my feeling love for myself. Nothing else takes priority right now.

Now, I feel stronger, and I am learning how to fight back my inner-critic. This morning I woke up early, and I felt motivated to get back to running. My inner-critic kept trying to find excuses to stay in bed. I pushed back, got dressed, and ran 1.6 miles. I pushed past my inner-critic and I feel better about myself. I have pressed the reset button on my goals, and I am ready for my great things.

I had an amazing experience while kicking my gremlins ass. It is opportunities like Kick Your Gremlins Ass that make all the difference in the perception that we have of ourselves. Getting back to basics, and getting to a place where I feel real have made a world of difference. I cannot thank you enough!!”

– sarah elizabeth quick

“My gremlin tried to talk me out of writing something nice to Andrea about her kick ass gremlin work. I think my gremlin is in cahoots with her gremlin. They both wear black, chain smoke and sit around at McDonald’s together. I stuffed my gremlin’s mouth full of french fries long enough to sit down and say this: It’s epic shit. Get your hot little hands on it, and thank me later.”

– Susan Hyatt, Evansville, Indiana

Are You In?

Hell yes!

Hell yes!

Pay in Full: $297

Hell yes!

Hell yes!

Payment Plan: 2 x $162

Or, you can work with me one­-on-­one over 3 months (for about $4,500!). In this course, you’re getting the best of everything I teach my one-­on-one ­clients for just $297. Can you beat that? I didn’t think so! Let’s beat your Gremlin instead!

“The thing that I love about this program is not that it works, which it does, but that it’s creative and interesting and compassionate. Andrea Owen manages to take you into the darkest parts of your lived experience, but often I found myself laughing and smiling as I worked with my gremlin. Now, of course, it isn’t all fun and games, but Andrea’s exercises manage to break up a task that often seems insurmountable into small assignments that feel both challenging and supportive at the same time. I highly recommend this course for those who are just learning how to love themselves, but also for those who are feeling stuck or have a goal that they find themselves unable to tackle – there is always another level to uncover.”

– Mara Glatzel, Provincetown, MA

“Wow! It’s amazing how much content Andrea manages to pack into this month-long e-course: starting with just figuring out more about my personal gremlin and how it’s stopping me, moving through finding a powerful ally to help me manage it, then looking forward into a future where I’m in control of my gremlin (instead of the other way around). I kind of understood gremlins in a general way before I went through this course – but it got me up close and personal with mine. And all I can say from here is, ‘look out, gremlin – there are going to be some SERIOUS changes in our relationship from now on!’”

– Tanja Gardner, New Zealand

“Andrea Owen’s “Kick Your Gremlin’s Ass” is about freedom. Luscious and expansive freedom. The kind that is only moderately possible in the absence of the disempowering grumble of your gremlins. My favourite truism from this ebook: ‘Because the gremlin’s primary job is to present itself as truth.’

*deep sigh of resonance*

Andrea provides incredibly relate-able context, solid tools and delivers this gremlin ass-kickery in a fun and inspired way. And like all resources of this caliber, you will get out of it what you put into it. Yes, your gremlins will want you to dog it; maybe even suggest you skip some of the exercises. They don’t like the bright light of the investigation. Tough. They’ve been running the show long enough.

Andrea GETS it. And wants you to get it too.”

– Tanya Geisler, Canada

Are You In?

Hell yes!

Hell yes!

Pay in Full: $297

Hell yes!

Hell yes!

Payment Plan: 2 x $162

P.S., All of my clients have told me that gremlin managing has been their favorite thing they have learned from working with me. I created this course so that this incredible work could be more accessible and affordable for everyone! Gremlin work was the foundation that truly took my mayhem and turned it into miracles. My life is truly kick ass because of these techniques and I’m so so excited to bring them to you!


Who is this class for? Am I right for it?

If you are a woman who compares herself to other women and feel like you don’t measure up, if you feel that you’re not *something* enough (beautiful, smart, wealthy, evolved, thin, experienced) or just in general feel not good enough.

Whether you hear this in a dialogue in your head, or it’s just an overall wash of a feeling inside of you.

If you don’t set boundaries or ask for a raise or talk to new people because you’re worried what people might think and/or how it might turn out.

If you’re tired of that voice in your head saying mean things to you.

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re playing small or holding yourself back.

If you’re ready for tools to help you create a new way of thinking and therefore a new way of feeling, THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU 😉

Is there a refund policy?

YES! Within 14 days of purchase. You must show your work from the first two modules. If you feel absolutely certain after doing the first two modules that this course isn’t for you, we’ll refund you. I do not however, provide refunds for people who simply change their mind.

I've taken some of your other classes like the 7-day Challenge and the Experience. Are these the same tools?

There are a few repeated tools, only because they are foundational in this work. It’s ALWAYS helpful to repeat them. Plus, there are about 10 new tools in this program that are not in the 7-Day Challenge or The Experience.

How much time do I need to invest in this to see changes in my life?

This is a digital program to do at your own pace. I HIGHLY suggest blocking time out of your schedule at least weekly to go through the program, about an hour a week. Each module should take you about that long, although some people spend more time journaling and doing creative assignments. Bottom line: the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

I'm a guy. Can I still purchase this?

YES, absolutely! Keep in mind, most of the examples are geared toward women, but the tools will work for men too! The Facebook group is open for women only.

I'm a coach and I'd love to use this program with my clients, can I do that?

If you’d like to use some of the tools with your clients, feel free to do so. It is unlawful however, to take my program exactly how I’ve set it up and use it as your own.

How does the class work?

Upon purchase, you’ll receive your own login and password. Immediately you’ll have access to the pre-work and Module 1. Seven days after that, you’ll receive access to Module 2, then seven days after that, Module 3 and so on. You can check off which lessons you’ve done as you go, so when you log in again you’ll know exactly where you left off.

At the end of the class, you’ll be invited to the YKAL Alumni group.

“I was having too many ups and downs in running my business and feeling dissatisfied with it. I had no focus, was second guessing myself, not feeling like I was being myself. I was taking too much advice from others and not being confident in my own decisions. I know it will take a lot of practice to work on these, but the process has started so that’s good.

Since the class, I’ve become more aware at how much fear has stopped me from achieving what I want. Now I can name it and battle it.”

– Rachel Sentes

“Before ‘Kick Your Gremlin’s Ass’, I was dealing with isolating myself and feeling as if I was living my life in a ‘self-conscious mode’. I was just going through the motions not really enjoying my life, just being in my space and not sharing me.

It engaged me from the very beginning. It allowed me to remember things about myself that I never even thought of anymore. It was like I was on a treasure hunt and I was finding or rediscovering treasures about myself that were forgotten. It allowed me to look at me, SEE ME and LIKE ME again. AMAZING!!

Now, I’m feeling enlightened, brave, smart, courageous and living a conscious life. I’ve Learned that your IC, gremlin and fear will sabotage your best self just to continue to have roles in your life, they are fighting for their existence so it won’t be easy but it is possible. Learning about these three components has given me the tools to be aware of the three and make better decisions by using my common sense and listening to and getting reacquainted with my intuition.”

– tamela wilson

“I did not have a name for my struggles before listening to your podcasts a few months ago. I was feeling conflicted about my day to day life. I knew I needed to do something different, but my inner critic would not let me do anything differently without a lot of grief. It was amazing to have AHA! moments. I’ve realized that the work takes time and cannot be a task to check off on my daily ‘to do’ list. The work has to be done as I am ready, or I will have to do it over again. And I have to listen to my own intuition.”

– shelly mcclintock

“I knew I needed to do this work when my husband said to me, ‘Before I deploy, I think you need to find a life coach that can help you because I’m worried about you and will worry when I’m gone.’ My fear It was a habitual pattern I kept replaying, over and over, with nauseousness, to the point that I wondered if I was simply doomed to this particular variety of suffering for the rest of my life.

The worksheets played a huge role for me. The Positive journaling improved feelings of well-being and self-esteem. The worksheets are great for those who have difficulty generating ideas for positive experiences to journal about. I found them to be VERY straight-forward and simple. The audios/podcasts were a tremendous help as well.

Since the class, I can reflect back on all the lessons & channel my thoughts in a more positive way. I remind myself now that each day is a new day, and the energy I possess is also what is released and we all want positive vibes/energy. It has allowed me to know my purpose, which is huge! It has given me ideas that I never had or would have thought of. It has helped me avoid the unnecessary stresses.

Thank you for the depths of my soul for this amazing transformation! I know I am not finished. I have tried many therapies and read countless self-help books. Some of this was very helpful, but Your Kick Ass Life gave me the motivation to make changes, which have led to improvements (some small for now) in all areas of my life. Although my focus wasn’t on just one topic area, I found that looking at how I think and what I believe, and setting goals and formulating steps to achieve these, with the guidance and encouragement of the challenges I did, has brought me happiness, which I hardly believed would be possible at the beginning of this journey. It has changed my outlook on life and possibilities, and given me the insight and basic skills to continue forward.”

– naomi wong rhodes

“I realized that, despite all of the work I had done in therapy and in other personal development work, there was a voice within me that was seriously holding me back. It didn’t want to change, and it resisted the change. I knew I needed to specially focus on that voice. I was preoccupied with what people thought of me, and this tiny voice inside kept telling me that their opinion mattered greatly. I didn’t have the strength to ignore that voice, and I couldn’t tell it be quiet on my own. I was living in fear and unable to listen to what *I* really wanted. I wasn’t in the driver’s seat of my own life, and many decisions were being ruled by this critical voice.

I loved the audio lessons. I felt like Andrea was talking directly to me, and it felt so good to HEAR someone say the words that I knew I felt and had been too scared to verbalize.

Now, I’m feeling a lot lighter. My Gremlin’s voice had been so heavy and was really weighing me down. I feel confident that I can acknowledge my Gremlin, put it in its appropriate place, and take risks in spite of my Gremlin’s voice. It’s very empowering.

There are things I would not have done before this program, that I now have the courage to do. I’ve learned that it’s okay to be afraid, and that you can be brave and afraid at the SAME time. Fear is just a feeling, but it doesn’t have to RULE you. I’ve also been able to start distinguishing my fear from my intuition…as a person who has dealt with anxiety for a long time, this was a completely new way of approaching life. I now realize how much of my fear and anxiety was actually my inner critic/Gremlin.

I’m SO thankful. I feel like I’ve become much more courageous and comfortable with myself since I started your programs. From my first 7 Day Challenge in February to the end of this Gremlin course, I’m much more self-loving, confident, and courageous.

I am seriously amazed at my confidence. I can’t believe how much I’m able to access my intuition. Going to lunch with a dreamy, all around amazing guy would have scared the pants off of me but now I have just enough courage to go for it anyway. Thank you so much.”

– R.A.

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