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As a certified Daring Way Facilitator, I work with women 1:1 doing work based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. The program is 16 weeks long working on

Here’s what I hear the most from the women who come to work with me one-on-one: They’ve worked their asses off in their lives to have the great career, maybe the “ideal” family, and everyone around them thinks they have it ALL together. But inside they’re feeling:


that their relationships are not fulfilling.


of feeling the need to measure up and falling into perfectionistic patterns.


because they isolate instead of reaching out for help.


to control the people and circumstances around them and for a guaranteed outcome.


that their inner-critic has a grip on them and tells them they aren’t “enough”.

I totally and 100% understand this

because it’s exactly who i was for much of my life.

I people-pleased, perfected, and performed constantly in order to feel whole. And when it didn’t work, I tried all of those things harder. And thus began the cycle that never ended.
Until I dove deep into my behaviors and inner-work, unlearned that way of being, and re-learned a new way. And yes, it was Daring.

Now, my life is by no means perfect. I still hit hard times. I still find myself in situations that I mentioned above. But, the difference is that I don’t live there anymore. And when I visit, I don’t stay for long.

I’ve learned a whole new way of


And it’s completely and totally possible for you to learn it too. If you did, your life could look like this:

I’ve learned a whole new way of


And it’s completely and totally possible for you to learn it too. If you did, your life could look like this:

feeling “good enough” no matter what life throws at you

having the courage to speak up when you need to articulate your needs.

having the courage to ask for support and feel good being supported.

bypassing your inner-critic voice and know you’re at choice to believe it.

having real and loving connection with people.

building the confidence you always admired in other women.

Kristy R., United Kingdom 

"I started working with Andrea because I was stuck. Not unhappy, not falling apart, not out of control or a mess, just stuck. I had an idea of where I wanted to be, as in how I wanted to feel and the kinds of relationships I wanted but I couldn't see a path forward. I was (am) a successful professional woman, my social and travel calendars the envy of friends and family, completely put together on the surface. Underneath, I had spent 45 years of my life not feeling good about myself, believing that my self-worth was in direct proportion to my weight, feeling disconnected from even my closest people, professing that I wanted a romantic relationship but what I really wanted was someone to validate me and make me feel less unworthy.

Over the past 10 years, I had done some work, tiptoeing along the journey of self-growth, healing from family of origin dysfunction, forgiving myself for poor choices and self-inflicted torture. My version of work was half reading self-help books and talking (not in the moment of course) with a few very loving, kind, accepting people who could empathize with my story even if I couldn’t. Oh and guilt, lots of guilt about always messing up, with promises to do it better next week.

When I wasn’t doing the work, and feeling at my most fragile, I relied on old behaviors – I drank alone, netflixed alone, cried alone, disconnecting from the world and isolating myself and my pain. I would tell a friend later that I had had a rough night or weekend but certainly not while I was in it. This wasn’t every day but it was certainly more often than I’d like to admit and way more often than should be for someone who was happy-ish.

Enter Andrea, by way of a dear friend who gently suggested that I was half-assing my personal growth (to quote AO). Fortunately, I was really ready for this, to do the work. I was sick and tired of being in my own way. I balked a bit at the price of the program, mostly worried that I wouldn’t get out of it everything that I wanted, but decided that I was investing in myself, my present and future happiness and that it was worth the expense and risk. After the first few sessions, I still wasn’t sure how much this was going to change my life. I had read the book Daring Greatly (in its entirety) and knew most of the material. And I’m not exactly one for structure. But the more that I followed through on the exercises, did my homework, discussed each lesson with Andrea, who coached me through each with kindness and humor, the lighter I felt. I began to truly understand the need for and to feel self-compassion, empathy, gratitude. I started to understand that my isolating behaviors were a self-fulfilling prophecy and that the way to have authentic meaningful relationships was to be vulnerable and to connect. I started calling in the moment, I asked for a friend’s company when I was feeling sad, I started to care for myself instead of numbing myself. And in turn, I was able to care for others, to empathize with their stories, to meet them where they were.

And then something shifted, I remember the exact moment very clearly, and I could see the path forward. I could feel it! I could feel love for myself. THIS!! This is what the work was for. Is for. The work continues. But now I have more tools to work with, I have people who are there when I need to share my story and feel safe, I have a profound belief that I am worthy of love and connection simply by being me. No more no less.

Mariah Porter, Washington

“I started working with Andrea not really knowing what to expect but what I did know was that I needed her in my life and I need to get my act together! It was time to take care of me and learn to accept my imperfections. During my 16 weeks with her I found out more about myself than I ever thought possible and I didn’t even realize most of it until later when a life event would happen and I would be able to recall something she had taught me. The best part of this for me was figuring out my core values and learning to apply them appropriately.”

I’m doing this work 1:1 because I believe wholeheartedly in the research of Dr. Brené Brown. I discovered her work in 2009 and followed her relentlessly (groupie, really). I was ecstatic when she recently rolled out training to helping professionals and became a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator in 2014. What I know for sure is that Brené’s work is profound and life changing. If you are ready to commit to this, you will learn a new way to live and love – one that is rooted in worthiness.

here’s how we’ll work together

checkmarkWe meet weekly over Skype video for 20 sessions (over 6 months)  for The Daring Way sessions  + personal sessions

checkmarkYou get weekly worksheets to better process and learn each of the lessons and tools. 

checkmarkI’ll mail you a copy of my book 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life + The Daring Way™ workbook.

checkmarkYou have email access to me in between sessions. Many times we use a handy-dandy voice app so we’re in regular communication in-between sessions. You’ll never have to feel stuck or alone or have to process a situation without my support. I’m there every step of the way. 

checkmarkYou’ll receive access to Kick Your Gremlin’s Ass. It’s a self-paced program where you’ll learn ALL of my best tools to managing that pesky inner critic of yours. Internal shit-talking will be transformed!

The Daring Way™ package starts at $9000.

For those serious about a 1:1 relationship doing The Daring Way™ program:

**I currently have one spot open starting in February 2018, please apply if you are interested**

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Wanna do some private work with me in person? I offer The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ in person over a weekend. Please contact us for more information.

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Most women live their life coming from a place of fear and scarcity. Messages like,

“I’m not _____ enough.”

“I can do this all myself, I don’t need help.”

“I need to be better at _____, so that I can _____.”

“If only ____ were different, then I would be happy.”

And if you’re still reading, you’re likely at a place where you’re tired of believing these messages. It’s exhausting, and you deserve better.

What our work together will accomplish is we shine a light on all of the ways you’re living your life from fear, where it came from and why you’re doing it. I then teach you the tools necessary to live your life from a place of courage instead, all the while I’m with you supporting you in practicing these tools in real-life scenarios. You’ll get a complete understanding

You’ll get a complete understanding on what it looks like to think and behave differently in a way that makes you proud of the woman you are. This work is about learning healthy behaviors. Practicing them (with my help), getting it right, getting it not-so-right, trying again, and gaining the confidence that you can be different and feel better. All of this helps you have better relationships, have more confidence, and a better sense of self-worth.

Lisa Grossman, New York

“Andrea is like a soothsayer without the snaggletooth. She's a truth bomb dropper and a positivity infuser, with a curb your enthusiasm humor - she can make something funny out of nothing. I didn't know I needed Andrea before I found her, and when I found her, the forward movement in my life was catapulted at a speed I didn't know I was ready for. But I was ready, and she knew it. Here's the thing I love about Andrea..

…she sees you, and I don’t just mean over Skype. She has the ability to connect on a level that not only makes you feel like you’ve known her forever, but you feel completely safe because she sees you without your masks on. During our sessions she has given me permission to show up for myself, to take the time to look in the mirror and feel safe in the knowing that working on myself is a journey, not a destination. Playing small is not an option. She sees you in your greatness and holds that vision for you, until you’re ready to meet her there. Working with Andrea is like putting your hand up and saying, “I’m ready to move towards the things I fear,” while leaving space for the elements of life to surprise you.”

Helene S., Chicago

"I knew my relationships were suffering as a result of my need to always be strong and independent, and not show feelings. I was prepared to take a hard look at old patterns that were keeping me stuck. I was ready for change. After working with Andrea on The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™, I am now clear on what courage looks like for me...

…as well as living my life according to my personal values. My husband and are working on improving our communication and connection with our kids now in college. I am committed to show vulnerability by voicing my struggles and asking for what I need, both with my husband and friends.

I loved spending time with Andrea in person. She is real, no BS, and open. She challenged me when I needed a push and supported me when I needed validation. She helped me commit to concrete goals.

I now have a new understanding about the importance of vulnerability in relationships and compassion for my perfectly imperfect self. I have actionable steps I can take now that I am back home.”

who is this good for?

A woman who wants amazing, fulfilling relationships in her life. Not just intimate partners, but friendships as well.

A woman who wants to let go of perfectionism and learn how to be kind to herself.

A woman who wants to stop pleasing, proving, and performing for others so she can live for herself, FINALLY.

A woman who is not living in a victim-mentality nor is she blaming everyone else for her struggles. She’s ready to take responsibility and own her life.

A woman who knows she’s a leader, but inside is feeling the nagging voice of “something is missing.”

How Much?


or $1575/month for 6 months

For a complimentary 20-minute consultation to hear more about the program and to see if it’s right for you:

(Please only apply if you are serious about learning more about a 1:1 relationship.)

*I currently have one spot open starting in February 2018, please apply if you are interested**

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Wanna do some private work with me in person? I offer The Daring Way™ and/or Rising Strong™ in person over a weekend. Packages range from $6000-$7500 (includes accommodations in a private suite). Please contact us for more information.

Not ready for the full-on commitment, but still want to work with me? I offer a shorter, 4-session package as well. Click here for the info.

Jessica Sharp, Greenville, SC 

"Before working with Andrea, I beat myself up about romantic relationships and really believed I was bad at relationships. I was also dealing with major impostor syndrome. I never felt like I was good enough. Now I am in a completely different place! I have so much more grace and empathy for myself. I have completely changed the stories I tell myself and know that I am completely enough, as I am.

Andrea is a perfect combination of being real and compassionate at the same time. That allowed me to know that I needed to do something different, and I actually wanted to, because I knew she thought it was best for me.

The financial investment was a huge reservation for me. Like huge, but I knew this was important. I knew I liked Andrea and the work of Brené Brown, so I knew this would be meaningful. Also, I decided to choose me.

The most useful thing I learned through this process was that shame is real but empathy, self-compassion, and sharing with special friends is a game changer.

After working together, I finally had the courage to create a consulting company. I had been thinking about it for a long time, I brought it up in one of our sessions, and there was NO WAY Andrea was going to let that slide! She challenged me to purchase the domain name right away (which I did) and just START. No more listening to fear that I should wait, or what if it didn’t work out, etc. I just went for it!”

Sarah B.

"I found Andrea during one of the darkest periods of my life. Some health and relationship challenges had worn me down and after a few years of struggle I finally found myself incapable of dusting myself off and getting back up. Grief and disappointment permeated every moment of every day, and I knew that my old habits of numbing out through shopping, overeating, or getting a bit tipsy weren’t going to do the trick this time. Deep down I think I realized that I wasn’t ready to give up. I wanted more from life and from myself – but I needed help.

I had done a lot of therapy and other work before working with Andrea, but what I liked about her – in addition to her incredibly warm and supportive style – was the fact that she was all about understanding the root cause of issues while also taking ACTION to really make change stick. Her gentle accountability kept me going through several months of sifting through my pain and beginning the process of truly healing.  Several months later, I honestly feel as though my outlook on life has flipped 180 degrees. I feel lighter, I feel optimistic about the future, and above all, I feel capable of doing my part to make my dreams come true. I can’t say that I never have bad days, but I know now that they will pass as my new “normal” is a much friendlier, compassionate and loving place than it used to be.”


How much time per week do I need to dedicate to this?

Our calls will be about one hour in length and most of the weeks require homework that will take you about an additional hour (give or take). I do recommend setting aside some time for reflection.

What are your coaching hours?

I currently have client sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 am to 2 pm Eastern time.

Should I take one of your classes instead of this?

Classes are great! Keep in mind you will not have the private 1:1 attention in a group. So, if you want The Daring Way™ work and private attention, this is for you.

I do teach The Masterclass once per year, which has similar curriculum as The Daring Way™.

I see a therapist. Do you think I need this?

I honestly think every person on planet earth and beyond needs this work. So, yes.

I have clinical depression. Will this help me?

Unfortunately, I am not a trained psychologist or medical doctor, so I cannot take a client that has a clinical diagnosis such as depression, bipolar disorder or an eating disorder.

What if I've never heard of Brené Brown?

It’s very helpful if you’re familiar with her work, but not necessary. If you’re interested in working with me 1:1, I recommend at least reading “The Gifts of Imperfection” to start.

What if I'd like to do a shorter package with you?

We can do that! I offer a 4-session package to work on whatever topics are pressing in your life. Click here for more info.

I'd love to to The Daring Way™ and/or Rising Strong™, but I can't commit to that time frame. Can I do it faster?

YES! Come see me for a weekend and we can do it workshop-style that way. I can also come to you. Contact us for more info.

Amanda Flisher

“Before coming to Andrea I was spinning in my coaching business and personal life. I was looking for a trusted source who knew what I was going through and who has laid the path ahead of me. I had been following Andrea for some time and always knew I wanted to work with her in some capacity in the future. In mid 2015 I was ready to take my life and business to the next level but I had no idea where to start.

What made me gravitate towards Andrea was her ability to be real, vulnerable and compassionate. I loved her podcasts, emails and her spirit. I also resonated with her coaching style. I decided I wanted to be Andrea when I grow up.

Originally, I ended up working with Andrea on my coaching business but as we plugged away she really started to figure out there were other things happening (my inner critic). Andrea quickly turned our sessions around and we started working on the Daring Way curriculum.

Once Andrea and I started working on The Daring Way I saw instant results in my life. She held me accountable, checked-in often and pushed me to think differently. I certainly had a roller-coaster of emotions but she was there every step of the way. By working through this I not only saw myself getting my mindset clearer but I saw that I was a completely different person. My relationships with my family and friends were changing and I was able to align more to who I am and what I wanted to be. I love Andrea and the work we did together. I will forever be changed by our time together and cannot wait to do the same for my clients.

Love you lady! You have no idea how much you have changed my life! XOXO”

Nicole Indelicato, Bluemont, Virginia 

“Before I started working with Andrea on The Daring Way I was struggling with fear, confidence, and connecting with others. I had big dreams and deep down knew I could accomplish them, but I felt stuck and afraid. Through this work I now am opening up more in my relationships and at the same time have clear boundaries. I’m incorporating more fun and creativity in my days, and trusting my intuition. Andrea’s support and the tools I received from The Daring Way have given me the confidence I needed to move out of fear and step into courage.”

Sue Mariconda, Seattle, Washington 

“I have spent most of my life in fear and living small. Wanting desperately to change the way things were in my life, but too afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I was two years out of a divorce and feeling very stuck I all areas of my life, especially an intense fear of dating, feeling like I needed to wait until I was someone perfect, or better than was. In retrospect, I obviously did not feel good enough or worthy enough of the relationships I wanted in my life. My favorite lesson was about Shame Shields...

…it was very eye-opening about the way I interact in relationships with others. I also enjoyed the creative projects, especially about Shame and Authenticity. It helped me to see things so differently in my life and acted as a catalyst for change in several areas of my life that I did not expect. I am also glad that I did this in a one-on-one setting. I think it’s invaluable to have a personal touch and be able to deal with my issues exclusively in a session, and not share the time with others.

My biggest takeaway is that I am a lot stronger and braver than I give myself credit for. That I do not have to be perfect. That I do not have to apologize to the world for who I am and what I want, and other peoples’ opinions of me do not define me.

To be honest, I was initially afraid to sign up, thinking that this was a lot of money and a lot of time investment, and maybe I wouldn’t do the work. I never had the greatest follow-through with things that I signed up for with the best of intentions. But having someone there to hold me accountable was key. I realized I was worthy of the time and effort to do this work, and it has changed my life. Being clear on my values made it not so scary to try online dating, which I’d not done in the two years since my divorce out of fear. When I became confident in who I am and what I deserve out of life, I had no hesitancy to request it and expect it. Breaking down shame shields is helping me to massively declutter my home in a way I never have before – releasing things that I’ve carried around for decades and was hesitant to let go. I am also quicker to catch myself when I start going down the rabbit hole of shame and say “hell no” and reverse that thinking.

I am so very grateful to Andrea for offering this work. I’ve done Gremlin and other coaching work with her for years, but The Daring Way took all of that to the next level and gave me back so much more than I could ever have expected. I would not hesitate to highly recommend this course, and working with Andrea specifically.”

I wanted to thank you again for the work you do. I’ve had life and business coaches before and I’ve always been able to bullshit them. You’ve been the first coach that I couldn’t bullshit (big compliment (: ), and you cracked me right open and held me accountable to do the work! While I know that this work will be a process for me for the rest of my life, I feel like I’ve taken a HUGE step in the right direction.

Jennifer P.