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Episode 64: 25 acts of self love Play in new window | DownloadPssst…did you know you can listen to this episode? Simply click the pink player button above.  I do my best to listen when I hear the universe speaking to me. For one, I know I was put on this earth to teach and inspire. One of those things is […]

38 things I’ve learned in 38 years

As the year comes to an end, I love thinking about not only my accomplishments,  but what I’ve learned. And this year I’ve made a list of the lessons I know to be true off the top of my head, 38 to be exact. There are loads more, but here’s a start:   Cleaning up my […]

7 Signs Your Gremlin is in the Driver’s Seat of Your Life

(Archived post, originally published May, 2011.) The Gremlin. It’s your inner-critic, negative voice and disempowering entity. We all have it, and it varies from person to person, as well as evolves and changes over time in all of us. Here are 7 signs your gremlin is ruling you and maybe running your life. You don’t […]


 Guest post by Amber Karnes “Oh my god, my cellulite is disgusting. I’m not even GOING to the beach this summer. I am so fat.” “You think YOU look bad? You should see my boobs, they’re nonexistent, yet somehow my arms are flabby. Gross.” “Yeah, well the lights in this dressing room are showing every […]

5 Hard Truths You’re Afraid to Admit

Truth #1. You are settling somewhere in your life. It could be your relationship with your partner, your friendships, your job, the effort you put into your parenting, the amount of money you make or anything else.  Somewhere in your life you said, “This is good enough” when deep down you know it’s not. You […]

[GUEST POST] Owning Privilege + Building a Body Loving Community

Guest post by Mara Glatzel Having conversations about our most closely held secrets is not easy, and often discussing our bodies, sexuality, or our relationship with food falls carefully into the category of impolite dinner conversation. However, more and more often these private struggles are being made public online – an arena where both beautiful, […]

Warning: That Perfect Body Isn’t Going to Bring You Jack Shit

I’ve been exercising most of my life. I’ve belonged to a gym consistently since I was 19 years old. Small gyms, all women’s gyms, big chain gyms and body building gyms. In 2005 I worked corporately for the American Council on Exercise and during that time got certified as a personal trainer. I also worked […]

7 Exercise Excuses that Suck…and how to bust through them

Exercise is a big part of my life. I was an active kid, lucky enough to have parents that instilled a value around exercise and made it fun. I’ve also been through years where I didn’t exercise at all, or used exercise as a way to purge calories and/or punish myself. Neither of those are […]

9 Confessions

Several months ago my friend and fellow blogger, Jenny Blake, wrote a post entitled, “On Not White-Lying by Omission: 12 Mini Confessions”.   Jenny talks about how personal development bloggers might have their readers think their life is glossy and perfect if they don’t sometimes talk about the struggles in their own lives. I’m pretty sure […]