Are you tired of the same old self-talk that is making you feel like shit?

I’ll tell you something I know for sure…

For the sake of sounding ridiculously dramatic here—your entire happiness, your entire success, the health of your relationships, and determining if you have a kick-ass life or not is dependent on how you talk to yourself.

So, how is yours sounding?

If it’s not sounding at least peaceful…are you tired of it?

Join me on April 3rd, 2017 for…

At the end of the 7 days you’ll look at the way you talk to yourself in a whole new way. Will you stop talking shit to yourself altogether? Nope. We all still do it. What you’ll get is a set of tools to catch yourself red-handed when it happens, shift the talk, and learn to have more kindness and compassion for yourself.

Because when you’re kind and compassionate to yourself, you’re happier, more successful, have better relationships, have more confidence and, as you can see,

life is really just more kick ass.


7-Day Challenge

here’s what past challengers had to say…


How does the Facebook group work?

Every day you will see a post from me with an image indicating the day’s challenge. On that thread, you will comment with your answers from your worksheet (emailed to you), your comments, your a-ha moments, and celebrations!

Even though you may see this post in your main Facebook news feed, ONLY WOMEN IN THE GROUP WILL BE ABLE TO SEE IT. Not all of your Facebook friends!

Will the Facebook group stay open forever?

Although this would be fun to do foreva– The FB group will close on April 11th, giving you a couple extra days to catch up.

Can I ask you my personal questions in the group for you to answer and give me advice?

Sadly, (whomp, whomp) because of the sheer volume of posts, I will not be able to respond personally to every question, even if you tag me. However, I will be doing live videos every day at 7 pm eastern time where I’ll be answering some questions I see that I feel will help the entire group, so don’t be afraid to ask! 

I will not be able to answer private messages on Facebook.

The group is for you to support one another in an “I see you, me too!” way. It is my goal to read EVERY SINGLE post in the group! 

Will there be a "next step" after the 7-day challenge?

Yes, absolutely. There will be an opportunity for all 7-Day Challengers to join The 30-Day Experience and if you’re in the Challenge, you’ll get a special discount! That will be announced a few days into the challenge. Plus, there will be scholarship opportunities! 

Can men join the challenge?

Men are welcome to sign up for the program (please note it IS geared towards women), but the Facebook group is exclusively for the ladies.

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